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Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your interest in our work!
Your order on or by phone are implicit acceptance of the following conditions:

Legal age
To order through our webpage must have more than 18 years. You will also be asked to confirm that the person who receives a gift involving alcohol (a bottle of wine or other alcohol products sold on has more than 18 years.


All images presented are property of ant the company SC Floraria Iris SRL. Their takeover without our written consent is illegal and will be detected as such.

Policy refusal / acceptance of your order
May arise the situation where our company has to refuse an order without giving any explanation. In such cases the payment will cancel and refund orders that the same method of payment used by the customer.
All prices on the site include VAT.

Cancel or change the order by customer
You can change your mind about the order placed at least 24 hours before delivery day. Cancellation will be made by phoning 0732 148 256.
If an order has been passed in production then it can not be canceled!
We always try to accommodate any last-minute request, but we can not guarantee than changes submitted 24 hours before delivery.
Once the order was given in production, changes are no longer possible.
For orders exceeding 1,000 lei we reserve the right to require a deposit consisting of 20-30% of the order value.
Please also note that during periods of intense orders (Christmas, 1-8 March, Valentine, etc.) can not guarantee to cancel the orders in less than 24 hours until delivery.

Resolving payment
The decision to buy flowers online is safe given that transactions on our website are provided It can happen but sometimes there are errors in transaction banking to delay the order accepted by us. If a message from the bank or from us related to payments please contact us on 0732 148 256.
Payments made outside office hours and any problems that may arise may delay order and although we regret any delay, we do not control these situations and will not refund payment operations.

Flower arrangements and their availability according to season
If there are no supplies or quality of flowers received from our suppliers is not required for new standards, we reserve the right to change some flowers with an equivalent range in style and of the same value or higher. If the change is major, we will try to contact you to agree.
Support plants (leaves, green) and vessels subject to change without prior notice considering that what is displayed is for presentation purposes.
If we fail to contact channels used in communicating with you earlier, you have to consider that we have your consent default.

Deliveries outside Bucharest
wrappings, other components), according to the local stock. The delivery hours may be different in each area, regarding working hours and working days. In case the product suffered alterations of your order, we will try to contact you and ask for your agreement. If we do not succeed to contact you by phone or email in due time, we will consider to have you agreement by default.


Arrangements damaged

Flowers are transported with care and are made of quality raw material. It can happen but very rare occasions that the arrangements do not reach the highest attainable to the recipient.
If this happens, please contact us to refund payment or to give a new free delivery to a later date.

Guarantees offered by us
Products and services that are under our control we guarantee total reimbursement of the payment or offering gift vouchers in consideration if:
          There was delivery date agreed with you for reasons that have kept strictly to us.
          Delivery delayed agreed on.
          Products recipient received were damaged. We can repay payout return damaged product.
          We can not honor your order for reasons related to us, we will refund your money.
          The wrong product was shipped. Please notify us and we will resend your order.
We remind you that the only options are compensation or reimbursement paid gift vouchers for future purchases, any other form of compensation is not subject to negotiation.

Regime special offers
Occasionally, we can provide products with low price. These offers are valid only in the mentioned period and not a permanent offer.
If a customer buys a product that is the subject of a reduced subsequent to the time of purchase price shall prevail.
We can not discount for already purchased.

Use of personal data used in communicating with
There are situations where it is extremely important to get in touch with you to provide the desired command. So please that personal data provided to create your account to be current and accurate.
We value your trust and discretion and will ensure that not rent or sell our database! For more details please see our security policy data.
      Email - use this channel to make corrections about your order or changes to be communicated to consult about unplanned issues.
      Phone number (landline and / or mobile) If you need to contact you urgently we use this channel.