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How to buy

How to buy.

If you just googled ‘online flower shop’, ‘online flowers’, ‘flower shop’, ‘flower delivery’ or ‘plant delivery’… you arrived at the right place. Welcome to Floraria Iris!

Decisions… decisions…

Once you’re in our online flower shop, we’re sure you won’t stop until you take a glance at each one of our bouquets, arrangements and plants. After all this delight of the mind and soul, it’s time to choose one, or two… or even more.

But before you take any decisions, we want you to know that our florists created each bouquet and arrangement inspired by the vibration of every flower that we’ve listened to. We understood her wishes and placed her next to other beauties - just like her.

You'll be able to see for yourself how some say, "I love you" while others say "I appreciate you being there for me" or even a regular "I'm glad to know you". Choose the one that's right for you and press the "Order Now" button in order to add it to your basket and proceed to the next step.

Multiply joy

They say perfection doesn’t exist. Well, we see it everyday with our own eyes. Nature shows its symmetry and beauty through flowers, and we all know nature is perfect. That's why flower gifts offer so much happiness. If you feel like multiplying that feeling you can choose to write your feelings in a message that we will write on an elegant card and add it to the bouquet, flower arrangement or plant.

Did you know that chocolate is closely related to happiness? It's been proven in all ways possible that even looking at it can make anyone feel good. Now let's add them all together. The joy of receiving a flower bouquet added to the emotional message and multiplied by a chocolate sweet, all sent to a dear one. Sounds good, doesn't it? It just so happens that you can get them all from us, Floraria Iris.

…and the last but not the least step

Fill in the billing information, delivery address, choose a payment method and place your order. It's that easy to create joy.